5 Tips on How to Pattern Mix in the Home

August 18, 2017

5 Tips on How to Pattern Mix in the Home

Prints and patterns have long been accepted as a way to add charisma to a room, but why settle for just that? Step up your design game and curate an environment with the character that shows off your custom style and leaves guests impressed. While gingham print and paisley side by side may scare the average traditionalist, have no fear today we are sharing with you how to mix your favorite patterns in a way that doesn't turn your home into your sweet grandmas little living room of print horrors. 

Go for different scales of prints

Source: Ideal Home

When print mixing it's best to apply the cardinal rule, less is more. Incorporate a variety of print sizes to help fill your room space instead of 20 different prints. Ideal Home demonstrates this technique well in a Mediterranean inspired living room. The key here is making sure patterns complement rather than compete with one another.

Note this...The designer takes it a step further by including patterned accessories with the color theme. Check out the photographic art prints with scaled subjects and the contrasting throw pillows.

 Your animal print is a neutral

Source: Kelly Elko

Animal print lovers, be not dismayed. You can still incorporate your favorite cheetah or zebra pattern in your home without it being overwhelming in your design. These prints perform as a function of neutralism. It's like finding that one small missing ingredient, just one or two splashes will do. 

Note this...The designer isn't afraid to introduce color to break up the cool palette. The common denominator is white in the details.

Avoid the urge to be matchy

Source: House Beautiful

The secret to a well-designed space is to start with one bold pattern or piece of furniture and build off of it. To incorporate the mixing, layer within the same hues but avoid intermingling primary and pastel colors. Use solids and neutrals to create balance and ultimately an aesthetically pleasing finished design.

Note this...The designer uses a bold solid color furniture piece to create balance within the room but it does not disrupt the design. This can be achieved by being particular about with what and where you bring contrast into the room.

Stripes and Florals are a thing

Source: Absolutely Beautiful Things

 A go-to contemporary, feminist look is the stripes and floral combo. As much as we'd love to take credit for this design duet we will just settle for sharing this easy to achieve, timeless look. The trick here is to identify your dominant scale of pattern and supplement it with the opposite. The floral print counteracts the streamlined finish of a stripe print creating a harmonious blend.

Note this
...The designer isn't afraid to continue with their floral accents. The fine art print share the same color palette as the throw pillow, however, they are not competing due to the contrasting solids in the prints.

Odd numbers are the safe bet

Source: Caitlin Wilson

Along with the 60-30-10 rule, there is one more bit of math to keep in mind during your pursuit of pattern mixing. A pro's tip is to keep your complementing patterns (the 30%) to an odd total. For example, go for 3-5-7-or 9 patterned pillows!

Note this
...The designer used the same floral pattern in different palettes to pull in the solid colored geometric patterned pillows. 

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