Q&A: The Do's and Don'ts in Home Decor

September 08, 2017

Q&A: The Do's and Don'ts in Home Decor

Hi, friends! We are excited to share with you an easy to follow guide for "how-to" home decor. We brought on design experts Joann Kandrac from Kandrac-Kole Interiors and Tracey Smith from Rachel Remington Design to give simple Do's and Don'ts that work for every home no matter the square footage. So, without further ado, let's dive right in!


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do consider your space

The sofa should be one of your biggest investments as it is the premier piece that welcomes in guests. Depending on whether you are in a loft sized space or a full sized family room, there needs to be time taken to decide on whether your need can be met by a love seat or a couch without sacrificing reasonable walking space.

Pro's Tip: "Put two sofas facing each other if space allows.  It makes for a cozy gathering space." -Tracey 

don't compromise

No matter the size of your space, your sofa purchase nor its level of comfort should be compromised. Just like all the chairs in your home, it is important to test its level of comfort before purchasing. A good sofa will last you years.

Pro's Tip: "When buying pay attention to the back and seat cushions. Go for a 2:2 or 1:2 cushion ratio.  Also, consider top stitching vs. welt, it's much more of an updated look." - Joann 


Fine Art Prints


do buy art

Art is the easiest way to elevate an environment. Whenever possible, go for the original. Show pride in your creativity by using your own artwork in your home design. Get it digitally printed at Interior Ink when you Create Your Own Canvas Print. Take this to the next level by going for a mix of art genre or even mix up your display layout. Try out different scales of prints.

Pro's Tip: "Quality matters; Try to have a collection if you go for the same size prints." -Tracey 

don't slack on the frame

This is an opportunity to pull in other design elements such as noted metals throughout the room or color themes.

Pro's Tip: "Don't frame inexpensively, this should be an investment as well." -Joann 


do start with led

LED lighting is an energy efficient investment that saves you in the long run. Not only do they emit less heat, they are also more durable than traditional glass bulbs.

Pro's Tip: "Use multiple lighting layers, an example would be above and under cabinets. You can always turn something off if it's too much." -Tracey

don't ignore your fixture size

In this case, size matters, Whether it's a floor lamp, table lamp or chandelier, be sure to take the time to pull out the measuring tape (or give it a proper eye measuring). Too small or large of a fixture can easily become an eye sore in a space.

Pro's Tip: "Go for adding dimmer systems to help create ambiance in a room." - Joann


do go for patterns

Aside from the importance of having at least 1 to 2 additional free-standing chairs, allow your chair to be art in the room. Be brave and choose a fun fabric! 

Pro's Tip: "Don't have all the same kind of chairs, go for different styles." - Tracey

**Bonus: Don't settle for just any pattern or fabric, choose your pattern and pick the fabric you want to use! Interior Ink lets you decide which pattern goes on which fabric.**

don't ignore comfort

A pretty chair will just take up space and eventually become the highlight at your next garage sale if it is uncomfortable. 

Pro's Tip: "Be sure to try out all of your seating before bringing them home." - Joann


do practice your green thumb

If you have yet to get on board with the plant trend now is the time. Indoor greenery is an easy way to introduce feng shui into your home. Go for real as your first option. The key is to make sure they are in good shape and if this is too much of a task find a very perfect to real-looking artificial option!

Pro's tip: "Don't overkill with florals, mix it up some." -Tracey

don't forget to tend to them

Be mindful of where you are placing your plant in your home because it can mistakenly ruin your floor or furniture. After placement, be sure to keep an eye on it. You want to make sure no brown leaves are on display. 

Pro's tip: "No ficus for indoor options." - Joann 


do mix it up

Don't leave your accents to just your walls. Use room accessories such as throw pillows and curtains to incorporate pops of color and patterns. 

Pro's tip: "Go for unique places to highlight if you're afraid of an entire room of color such as the ceiling, behind a sofa, behind a headboard." -Tracey

don't forget your neutrals

While color can be fun don't forget to use your neutrals to keep balance in a room. The best starting point is to find and establish a cohesive color palette and then add from.

Pro's tip: "As a rule of thumb, use neutrals under large pieces." -Joann


do invest

There are many window treatment options today that can help save you money in the long run such as blockout shades that helps to minimize sun rays in a room as an efficient way to keep spaces cool. 

Pro's Tip: "Invest as much as you can in window treatments. They can last for decades if needed when properly constructed." -Tracey

don't forget to measure

To achieve a high-end look for curtains it's all in the height and how they break the floor. It's important to take the time to measure your window frame first that way you can know how many inches you need to add. You want to hang your hardware high, several inches above the window frame. 

Pro's Tip: "No flood pant curtains!" -Joann

**Bonus: Whether you opt for curtains, drapes, or a unique solar shade, use our Measuring Guide to everything fits as it should.** 

Throw Pillows


do have fun

Throw pillows should perform like the sprinkles on top of a perfectly embellished cupcake, they are what draws in your guests to come sit and enjoy your well-designed space. Use your pillows to continue a color theme or introduce a pop.

Pro's Tip: "Mix sizes, textures, and patterns. It looks less predictable and often collected. Try a fur pillow or two, a velvety solid and a woven print in different sizes." -Tracey

don't just buy

While your pillows are there for design, they should still perform. Remember, the idea is to not make a guest feel afraid to sit or get comfortable. Too many pillows could potentially perform as a closed gate to your sofa if you aren't careful.

Pro's Tip: "Find the best affordable form, ideally a down-blend for filling. A good rule of thumb is nothing smaller than 20 inches." -Joann

A huge thank you again to our wonderful friends at Kandrac-Kole Interiors and Rachel Remington Designs for taking the time to share their expertise on simple Interior Design! 

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