How To Sew Your Own Throw Pillows in 6 Steps

March 08, 2018

How To Sew Your Own Throw Pillows in 6 Steps

It's now March, three months into the New Year, resolutions have come and they have gone, but something in you is still screaming, "New Year, New Me!" A great way to receive subtle yet drastic change in your life is to redecorate your living space with throw pillows. I know what you're thinking, home décor can be costly and finding the perfect items could take hours on end... "New Year, New Me" in March shouldn't break the bank and I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to! 

The easiest way to redecorate your home and add a little flair to the room is by making your own throw pillows, and it’s incredibly easy to make your own! Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, I have you covered. First thing you’ll need is supplies, fabric and a pillow. My go to design for this project is by our very own featured artist,  Pattern Pod. The multi-colored leaves in Pattern 976 goes well with a natural theme and comes in an array of color combinations.  If you need inspiration choosing a design, feel free to browse our fabrics . We have  a variety of different fabrics to choose from, but for my pillows I went with our Premium Cotton Twill.  From here I’ll provide six easy steps to create the perfect pillow to change up your room.

Items You'll Need:


18 x 18-inch pillow insert of your choice



sewing machine




little wooden dowels (or pencil)

How it Works

Step  1

Using your scissors cut the fabric into two 18 x 18-inch squares. Place the fabric evenly on top of one another.

Step 2

Pin around the pillow on three sides, leaving one side open to insert the pillow.

On the open side, pin 2 inches away from each of the corners. (This will ensure you'll remember to stop sewing once you've reached the opening).

Step 3

Sew around the pillow to the opening pins using a half-inch seam allowance. Once you get to the corner, lift and pivot.

Step 4

Once you're finished sewing, trim the corners and flip the fabric right side out. 

Use the wooden dowels (or pencil) to push the corners out; this gives your pillow crisp corners.

Step 5

Iron the unsewn side flat, since the fabric will be a tight fit, ironing makes it easier to pin down and sew the opening closed.

Step 6

Once you've finished ironing the fabric, insert the pillow into the fabric and pin the edges together, be sure you're not pinning the pillow to the fabric. Sew the opening closed.

Here are some inspiration and ideas you can use to help you pick the best fabric design for your decor throw pillow.   

Quick How To On Sewing Your Own Throw Pillow.

Making your own decorative pillow is fun, easy, and cheap. You can personalize your throw pillow with one of our custom printed fabrics and design fabrics.   

You’ve made your own throw pillow! Repeat steps for any additional pillows. Now your room has been subtly transformed. Remember, it’s never too late in the New Year to indulge in some change!

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