The Best Ways To Use Spring Colors With Fabric For Home Décor

March 31, 2018

The Best Ways To Use Spring Colors With Fabric For Home Décor

Goodbye, Winter and hello Spring 2018! If you're a Southerner like me, I'm sure you're glad that warmer days are ahead. It's time to ditch the jackets and gloves and time to slide into some comfy shorts. Your wardrobe won't be the only thing that needs a season update because your home does too! Take a seat, get yourself into a crafty mood and I'll tell you about what you need to know for décor this Spring.

Spring Colors

Spring is the escape from dreary winter days. While the weather may bring rain showers, you’ll soon begin to see things bloom. Jump start spring blossoms by adding fun festive colors throughout your home. Light pinks, purples, blues, yellows, and greens are the perfect way to brighten your home and will shine even brighter on rainy April days. There’s various spring color trends to follow from flowers in mason jars or vases to seasonal decor, your options are endless!

About Fabric

Fabric Wreaths

A trend that never goes out of style is fabric wreaths. They’re great for every holiday or season and are easy to dress up or down; a spring wreath creates a warm welcome to your home with fun combinations of different colors, textures, and patterns. They’re easy to find in stores and even easier to make at home, by creating your own fabric you’re able to make a wreath tailored to you!

all you need is...

- 2 yards of fabric of your choice

-wire wreath form (I went with a 12-inch)


-ruler or measuring tape

Cut the fabric into 1 x 8-inch strips (I used about 230 strips in total).

Weave your first strip under the outer two wires.

Tie the first strip into a single knot. Next, weave your second strip under the middle two wires.

Tie the second strip into a single knot. Then, weave your third strip under the inner two wires.

Tie the third strip into a single knot. Repeat this order all the way around.

Here is a view underneath. I found it best to squeeze as many strips as possible in each section for a fuller wreath.

Lizzie Clark Fabric Designs

After much cutting and tying, you now have a fun, festive wreath for Spring!

Art Décor

Adding bright flowers throughout your home channels spring vibes. Tulips are beautiful flowers that bloom in the spring and vary in different bright colors, adding artificial tulips or real ones around your home is as festive as it gets! A subtle way to bring spring into your home is through framed fabric designs, an incredibly cute trend we found for this year. By using fabric scraps, a cut out design and a picture frame you’re able to make ordinary objects extraordinary. Spring designs include, but are not limited to, bunnies, eggs, tulips, chicks, lambs and more!

All you need...

-fabric of your choice

-Mod Podge

-foam brush


-printed outline

-card stock 

Start with your outline. You can print it straight onto card stock or do what I did and print it on paper then trace it onto card stock. Cut your fabric into 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch strips depending on your desired thickness.

Flip card stock over so outline is facing down. Paint Mod Podge over your outline (you should be able to see the outline through the card stock). 

Lay your fabric strips on the glue, slightly overlapping each one. Paint one more layer of Mod Podge over the fabric.

Allow your glue to dry for at least an hour or two.

Once the glue has dried, flip the card stock over and cut along the outline.

Pattern Pod Fabric Designs

Ta da! And you're done! Now you've used your fabric in quite an inventive way.

Table Settings

The last trend that pulls all the spring pieces together is your table setting. For your table setting you can make a big statement by using a tablecloth that is filled with spring colors, patterns or designs. If you’d rather just add hints of the season on to your table setting decorative napkins are the perfect piece to tie the table together. A cute way to display your napkin is by having it folded nicely with a tulip tied around it. A beautiful floral centerpiece — or even cotton — also adds to the table bringing everything together.

Table Setting

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