Why Wallpaper Is Best For Kids Room Décor

May 30, 2018

Why Wallpaper Is Best For Kids Room Décor

When I was in elementary school I obsessed over horses, so much so I begged my mom to paint and decorate my room horse themed. It took her weeks to hand paint grass & paste horses on my walls. It was only three years later when I entered middle school and my love for horses turned into a hobby of the past.

Again, I watched my mom paint my room a cute design with blues, purples and greens. Once I hit high school I wanted something more subtle and relaxing. By this time, my mom paid to have someone come in and paint my room.  I’m forever grateful for the hard work my mom put in for my dream room as I aged but can’t help but wonder how much easier it would have been if she used customary kids wallpaper instead.

Creating the perfect room for your child can be tough, especially if their interests age with them or you can’t find the right paint or wallpaper at your local hardware or crafts store. With Interior Ink’s customary wallcoverings the options for your child’s room is virtually endless. Kids wallpaper ideas can range from your child’s favorite TV show, landscapes, animals or fun patterns and designs.

your child's drawing turned into life size artwork!

I know I obsessed over Power Puff Girls when I was in kindergarten, I had a Power Puff Girls bedspread but it would have even been cooler to have Buttercup, Bubbles and Blossom flying across my walls. Instead of hand painting grass on my walls in elementary school, my mom could have found images of horses running across fields of grass and had them printed to place across my walls.

Custom Mural Wallpaper

Patterns and designs are subtle and elegant way to recreate your kid’s room, especially if their interests vary so much that it’s hard to pick one specific theme. Patterns and designs help focus more attention to the rooms’ decor rather than the walls themselves so you can play up or play down your child’s room as much as you please.

Boy wallpaper ideas could include his favorite superheroes or sports team. If the little man in your life loves Spiderman, you can custom print the tops of buildings and the skyline so he can put on the suite himself or use Spiderman toys to jump building to building and save the day.

Kids wallpaper is effortless to install and frees your child's imagination with whatever print you decide to do. With no damage to your walls if you choose to remove them, you can continue to update your child’s wallpaper with new interests as they age.

Our Kid-Friendly Designs

Kids Wall Patterns

Clown Fish Wallpaper

Find Nemo under-the-sea while surrounded by bubbles and fish

Children's Custom Wallpaper

Polka Dot Wallpaper

A classic pattern enhanced with texture and fun colors

Kids Peel and Stick Wallcoverings

Rainbow Zoo Wallpaper

Bring the whole zoo into your home without the mess

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