Andrea has been an artist since the day she could hold pencil and brush. Her first collected piece, saved not by her family but by the mother of a friend who saw something special, was a painting done in nursery school illustrating life for orphans in another country. Making art for others to enjoy and understand has always been a goal for Andrea. For her, each piece needs to be beautiful and have a message even when the message is as straight forward as isn’t that a gorgeous blue that makes me happy!

Andrea was born in and lives in New York City, after having taken some significant time off to reside in Paris, France and Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her work includes costumes and sets for theater and dance, custom made knitwear and textile development for spinning mills, writing and book illustration, mosaics, painting and sculpture collections, surface patterns for home products, jigsaw puzzles, greeting cards, candles holders and many other gift items. Her embroidery work has been used to create teaching programs in Afghanistan. Andrea makes beautiful things all day almost every day.