Lauren Amelia Hughes

Interior Ink Featured Artist Lauren Amelia Hughes

I can't remember when I developed an interest in visual arts, but I have been told it was around the time I developed the necessary motor skills for crayon holding. Once I graduated to more sophisticated mediums, like colored pencils, I began taking art classes. I stuck with the pencils and found a love for illustration that has continued throughout my creative career. I have worked across a spectrum of industries from fashion to marketing to textile design. My constant driving force is a passion for sharp, creative visuals. 

I am currently based in Washington, DC and work as a freelance designer. My work focuses on color, balance and movement. While most of my work is digital, I love layering hand-drawn or painted elements to achieve a painterly style. I grew up by the water and am inspired by nature. I am especially inspired by my childhood home on the coast in Charleston, South Carolina.