Lizzie Clark

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Hi there. I’m Lizzie Clark and I currently live just outside of Washington, DC, in Alexandria, VA. I began my surface design journey by searching for a way to make my own paper for my paper collage practice—creating patterns on my own, knowing nothing about the process of repeat patterns. It found me, finally, in the form of Pattern Camp.  Inspired by nature, exploring patterns that are representational and abstract, drives my daily creative practice. Experiencing my patterns adding beauty to functional everyday items—wallpaper, pillows, aprons, upholstery, bedding—brings me joy. My palette leans toward bold, rich colors—whether a kitchen theme, holiday project or something from the garden Ideas and inspiration come rapidly, and aren’t always captured! They often come after I’ve wandered a bit through the woods, neighborhood, or farm market. I begin with an artifact or photo that I’ve taken. A sketchbook (or lately, a digital tablet) is my preferred way to capture ideas. After sketching, and inking, if I’m working offline, the image is transferred, either via scan or photo, into my digital workflow.

I often have a palette in mind when I start, and sometimes it’s freeing to let it come as I’m working. 

 Seeing my art set “free” in the world is a joyful experience. When I’m not making surface art, I love creating comfortable inviting interior and exterior spaces, sewing, supporting my stained glass-making husband, and hearing about all the fun our son is experiencing in college.

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