Pattern Pod

Pattern Pod Kristen Geraldine

Kristen Dettoni and Geraldine Blanchot are the co-founders of Pattern Pod, a small design studio that focuses on artwork, product and material design and development.

Kristen is an accomplished designer with 23 years of experience in textile design, management, and marketing. She is creative in all aspects of design, from graphics to the presentation, but what sets her apart from her peers, is that she is truly able to take on anything. Geraldine graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and worked in high fashion with a few talented designers early on in her career, most notably Albert Elbaz’s team when he first joined Lanvin. Her true passion, however, is exploring new cultures. Her travels inspire her curiosity, which in turn inspires her design sensibilities.

Geraldine and Kristen met while working at a textile manufacturer, and over the years formed a bond that revolved around their passion for exceptional design, color and trend research. They have over 35 years of combined experience designing for commercial interiors with expertise in the education, contract/office, hospitality, and healthcare markets. Most recently they have started to branch out into other markets, and have designed artwork for companies such as Mattel, Wallpops, and Lindt, to name a few.

Kristen and Geraldine are inspired by every moment of this endeavor, from running their website to consulting with some of the top Jobbers and OEM’s in the textile industry. Their passion for art and design, attention to detail, genuine friendship and love of a good challenge makes them a great team.