Shop our featured artist's solar shade styles and designs: Lizzie Clark and Pattern Pod

Get the privacy you need with one of our energy efficient solar shades. Pick one of our many designs that are perfect for any room. Our fabricated shades are made from the highest quality materials and produced in the USA. Our solar shades provide more solutions than just shade from the sun. They can also reduce heating and cooling costs, control heat gain without sacrificing natural light, and can even be integrated aesthetically into your design and architecture.

You can design your own solar shades with our print-on-demand services. Send us the image or design you want on your shades and we’ll print it. Design your own custom solar shades for your kid’s room, bedroom, or the sun-room.

We offer the best detailing and print services in the industry and customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Our solar shades are also perfect for offices and retail. Printed solar shades with a mural can offer control of light in your meeting rooms and add a dynamic look to your space. You can also print shades with bold graphics and advertising messages for retail storefronts and corporate branding. These are great for bringing in new customers and will add to the design of your storefront.