Starr Ockenga spent three decades creating a garden on an upstate New York hilltop facing a panoramic view of the Catskill Mountains. On that magnificent site, she assembled a renowned collection of ornamental plants from flowering shrubs and trees to tiny species bulbs. She says, “Owning a garden is a privilege; each plant a gift from Nature. I wanted others to share in this bounty.” And the visitors came—from far and wide, from arboreta, garden clubs, arts organizations to see, to paint, to photograph, to compose, to write in Starr’s unique Arcadia. Naturally, these plants became Starr’s ongoing inspiration. As they came into bloom or set seed, she photographed them in her light-filled studio against hand-painted backgrounds prepared to look like ancient frescoed walls. Sometimes Starr dug up the plants to include roots or bulbs; then replanted them after their “portraits” were made. This series, printed in delicate color or sepia, form a botanical history and the story of a passion. To learn more from Starr Ockenga click here.