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Shop online Featured Artist photographic murals and wall designs: Lauren Amelia Hughes

Capture the moment with a custom wall mural of a family event or trip, or send us a design or image that you just love. Customize any wall with a beautiful mural. Pick from one of our many amazing designs or photo wallpaper murals and add some extra life to the spaces in your home. Ranging from industrial, retail, home or office, and more, our wall murals are one-of-a-kind and use the best print technology to ensure the best product.

We use the best quality of materials for each mural and allow you a choice of texture. We offer removable wallpaper, water activated pre-pasted wallpaper, and even a seamless fabric material with a quality assurance guarantee. We are the leading provider in on-demand digitally printed custom wall décor, photo wallpaper, and art.

Our designs are perfect for apartments, new renters, and the college student looking to show some school pride. If you have any additional or special requests for your mural, feel free to contact us with the details. We are here to give you the quality service you deserve to complete your home design. If you need help designing or picking the right wall paper material, sign-up to get a copy of our IdeaBook.