Additional Product Information

We offer fabric by the yard so you never have "too little" or "too much". Digital printing on fabric provides the opportunity for total customization and offers a richer, deeper color palette compared to traditional textile printing. If you have a fabric you wish to print on, but it is not offered on our website, please contact us!

Common uses for our fabrics:

    • Upholstery
    • Bedding
    • Table Linens
    • Curtains & Drapes
    • Décor Pillows
    • Get creative! We’d love to help you with any project you come up with

Fabricated Linen Canvas - $31 / linear yd.

Fabricated Velvet - $33 / linear yd.

Fabricated Satin - $23 / linear yd.

Cotton Texture Repositionable - $4.97 / sq.ft.

This non-woven material has a removable pressure-sensitive application with a release liner for an easy peel and stick applicaiton. It can be removed and repositioned over and over without ever leaving a sticky residue on your walls. It will not peel off paint when removed regardless of how long it has been there. You can install this wallcovering on walls, ceilings, and even counters as it wraps around corners easily. It is environmentally safe and PVC Free.

Material: latex-saturated non-woven reinforced with synthetic fibers for strength and durability
Roll Width: 54”
Weight: 253 gsm
Certifications: PVC Free, ASTM E-84: Class A approved, LEED Credit Certification, Complies with European REACH Standards, GreenGuard Gold


Canvas Texture Repositionable - $4.97 / sq.ft.

This canvas material is adhesive-backed and can be removed and repositioned over and over without ever leaving a sticky residue on your walls. It will not peel off paint when removed regardless of how long it has been there. You can easily contour cut this material without any fraying. This reliable material does not rip, wrinkle, shrink or curl. It is easy to install and handle, and looks great with any print or design. You can even install it on doors or windows. This material is PVC-Free.

Material: Polyester (17 mil canvas)
Roll Width: 54”
Weight: 312 gsm
Type: III
Certifications: PVC Free, UL 723 (ASTM E-084) Class A, NFPA 101: Life Safety Code


    Smooth Water Activated - $4.65 / sq.ft.

    This smooth-finish, paper-based wall covering is pre-pasted with a water activated adhesive backing system, making it easy to install and just as easy to remove and h helps to create a clean environment. It reduces application time by up to 60% compared to paste-the-wall products and provides the same, if not better, quality solution. The long-lasting and environmentally friendly material will not damage your walls upon removal.

    Material: Fiber based and incorporates 10% post-consumer waste
    Roll Width: 50”
    Weight: 280 gsm
    Certifications: RVC Free, ASTM E-84 Fire Rating; LEED certification for Green Building.


      Seamless Fabric Wallcovering - $6.95 / sq.ft.

      This eco-friendly fabric is natural looking, lightweight, non-reflective and anti-curling. It is a high-quality and seamless material that is washable. It is installed similar to traditional wall-coverings, but is usually installed in one piece rather than by panels. Once installed, this material seamlessly hides pre-existing holes and gaps in the wall. It is flame retardant and displays any print design beautifully.

      Content: Polyester fabric with eco-friendly water-based coating
      Roll Width: 126”
      Weight: 322 gsm
      Certifications: M1 / B1, B-s1-d0 (EN 13 501-1); NFPA 701 / ASTM E 84 - Class A; NF EN 71-3; Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification; GreenGuard Gold Certification; VOC Emissions certification - A+
        We are excited to announce that we now offer custom pillows! Décor throw pillows feature a crisp knife-edge finish. Pillow inserts are made of 100% Polyester making them the perfect economical and allergy alternative to down feathers. Available in all 3 material options (see materials available above in Fabric & Textiles).


        You can choose how you want your pillows printed: either with a design replicated on both sides or with a design on one side and any solid color on the other.


        Should you decide to change out the pillow insert, please use the following size with its corresponding pillow:

        18" x 18" Pillow -- Insert size is 20" x 20"
        20" x 20" Pillow -- Insert size is 22" x 22"
        22" x 22" Pillow -- Insert size is 24" x 24"

        Put your windows to work for you! You will love these custom solar shades.

        Our high quality, custom printed solar screen systems provide years of dependable, energy-efficient, and architecturally appealing performance to your home or building’s interior. Our commercial grade, high-performance solar screens are densely woven, printable, synthetic fabric specifically designed to reduce solar heat gain. Also due to the energy savings performance, our product qualifies as an environmental green initiative as well. 

        Premium Blockout Shade

        100% Opaque Screen

        1% Shade

        99% Light-filtering Screen

        3% Shade

        97% Light-filtering Screen

        5% Shade

        95% Light-filtering Screen

        10% Shade

        90% Light-filtering Screen


        Benefits for your home:

        • Control solar heat gain without sacrificing natural light
        • Reduce heating/cooling costs
        • Save energy
        • Reduce glare and reflection
        • Integrates aesthetically into your design and architecture
        • Allows for privacy with our energy efficient woven fabric


        Additional benefits for your business:

        More and more smart businesses are capitalizing on the mega benefits of custom printed solar screens and window displays. Custom solar screens provide branding opportunities, communicate services or products, enhance curb appeal, provide cost savings and enhanced customer experience in retail environments. In commercial or office building applications, architecturally appealing designs or graphics may be utilized for that perfect image enhancing touch this amazing product offers, as well as all the functional benefits as a huge plus.

        • Improve customer comfort and experience
        • Reduce utility costs
        • Commercial quality components provide years of dependable service
        • Bold graphics or branding message attract attention and more shoppers
        • Graphics and sponsored advertising are changeable - provides ongoing revenue stream
        • Retail storefronts become highly visible and inviting to customers
        • Corporate branding; establish a uniform look for all locations
        • Prevent interior décor and merchandise from Ultra Violet/Sun fading
        • Reduce glare and reflection, improve product appeal
        • Meets aesthetic design criteria; integration into building architecture
        • Flexibility, ease of operation of hardware allows optimum presentation performance, day or night



        Interior Ink uses high quality fabric and industry leading components. Our attention to detail and award winning printing processes will meet or exceed your expectations for vivid accurate color and durability.

        Watercolor Prints

        This 285gsm versatile paper is great for reproducing paintings, drawings, photo restorations and more. The slightly textured surface combined with the special matte coatings supports detail, rich blacks, and exceptional color reproduction. This paper is made from a combination of high grade acid-free wood pulp and cotton fibers.

        Canvas Prints

        This museum-quality, 400gsm weight HP Artist Canvas has a smooth, bright white surface and ideal color gamut. Zero VOC, eco-friendly printing option with high quality HP latex ink to ensure durability and permanence.

        Canvas prints are stretched onto either a ¾” frame or a 1 ½” stretch frame of your choice.

        Canvas Wrap Options

        Gallery Wrap – your choice of either solid black or white color on sides of frame.
        Image Wrap – image stretched onto sides of frame.
        Mirrored Wrap – image is mirrored on sides of frame.


        Photographic Prints

        (currently available by completion of this form)

        Photographic Print Options

        Fuji Crystal Archive (Matte or Gloss) – delivers vibrant and accurate colors, excellent contrast with ideal gradation balance for a rich tonal scale, and unbiased grays from highlight to shadow. It’s an ideal choice for exacting professionals.
        Fuji Flex- polyester based silver halide material optimized for professional color printing of display and commercial prints. Creates mirror-like super gloss, great clarity, clear, crisp whites and brilliant color.
        Kodak Metallic – uses a proprietary combination of film laminate layers that results in striking, three-dimensional, lasting images on an ultra-bright background. Professional emulsion set provides extreme sharpness, brightness, and color saturation. There’s also a dramatic increase in D-max with digital applications.


        • Small 16" x 20"
        • Small Square 24" x 24"
        • Panoramic Small 36" x 12"
        • Medium 20" x 24"
        • Medium Square 30" x 30"
        • Panoramic Medium 48" x 16"
        • Large 30" x 40"
        • Large Square 40" x 40"
        • Panoramic Large 60" x 20"
        • Extra Large 40" x 50"
        • Extra Large Square 50" x 50"