Custom Prints Information

Watercolor Prints

This 285gsm versatile paper is great for reproducing paintings, drawings, photo restorations and more. The slightly textured surface combined with the special matte coatings supports detail, rich blacks, and exceptional color reproduction. This paper is made from a combination of high grade acid-free wood pulp and cotton fibers.

Canvas Prints

This museum-quality, 400gsm weight HP Artist Canvas has a smooth, bright white surface and ideal color gamut. Zero VOC, eco-friendly printing option with high quality HP latex ink to ensure durability and permanence.

Canvas prints are stretched onto either a ¾” frame or a 1 ½” stretch frame of your choice.

Canvas Wrap Options

Gallery Wrap – solid black color on sides of frame.
Image Wrap – image stretched onto sides of frame.
Mirrored Wrap – image is mirrored on sides of frame.


Photographic Prints

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Photographic Print Options

Fuji Crystal Archive (Matte or Gloss) – delivers vibrant and accurate colors, excellent contrast with ideal gradation balance for a rich tonal scale, and unbiased grays from highlight to shadow. It’s an ideal choice for exacting professionals.
Fuji Flex- polyester based silver halide material optimized for professional color printing of display and commercial prints. Creates mirror-like super gloss, great clarity, clear, crisp whites and brilliant color.
Kodak Metallic – uses a proprietary combination of film laminate layers that results in striking, three-dimensional, lasting images on an ultra-bright background. Professional emulsion set provides extreme sharpness, brightness, and color saturation. There’s also a dramatic increase in D-max with digital applications.


 Standard Panoramic
Small 16" x 20" Small 36” x 12”
Small Square 24" x 24" Medium 48” x 16”
Medium 20” x 24”
Large 60” x 20”
Medium Square 30” x 30”
Large 30” x 40”
Large Square 40” x 40”
Extra Large 40” x 50”
Extra Large Square 50” x 50”

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