Jessica Hiemstra


Jessica is a creative consultant for Accent Décor, a company based in Atlanta, Georgia that sells beautiful vases and décor to beautiful businesses. As a creative consultant, it’s Jessica’s job to imagine and inspire Accent Décor and its customers. She designs props, paints walls, makes anything from wallpaper to plates to giant sculptures in the company’s showrooms with a team of wonderful people. The work you see here was created for Accent Décor and is now, thanks to a wonderful collaboration with Interior Ink, available for anyone who wants to enjoy it in their own spaces. Jessica is also an award-winning writer and visual artist. From poetry to children's books to murals to oil paintings, she keeps herself busy! She’s surprised by how beautiful the world is every day, and hopes that in some small way her work can make our world kinder, more empathetic and more beautiful. In the words of Azar Nafisi, Jessica believes that “Art is as useful as bread”, and she loves the usual suspects –O’Keeffe, Miró, Kandinsky, Magritte, Hafiz, Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes. She hopes that your delight in her work is matched by her delight in the making of it.

From pen and ink to playful watercolors, to detailed pencil drawings, Jessica’s work is diverse, but always expresses her joy in life itself. Jessica can be found online at


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