Trade Discounts

Interior Ink's parent company, Parallax, began as a creative and production studio in the heart of Atlanta, GA more than 25 years ago. Since then, we have evolved into one of the South's most experienced and versatile large format digital print production resources. Interior Ink was created from the individual expertise to become a brand exclusive to Interior Décor.

We specialize in custom print-on-demand services that also support the architectural and interior design communities. Whether it's home décor, retail, hospitality, or contract design projects, Interior Ink provides sustainable products that will meet or exceed your visual and quality expectations. We value our partners in the trade, so we are proud to offer exclusive discounts to architects, interior designers, set designers and stagers, home developers, and hospitality professionals.

In order to be eligible for these discounts, please send your request for a term account with Parallax / Interior Ink to

We understand that some projects exceed the accessibility of purchasing online. Especially in these cases, feel free to contact us. Our expertise doesn't begin and end only with the quality of our custom print service. Interior Ink also provides services such as design assistance, project management, personal quality inspection, as well as hardware and installation. We can handle as much or as little as your project requires.