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  • Imagine one-of-a-kind fabric that matches your color palette, scale, and total design vision. With the choice of custom fabric, you no longer have to be constrained to "off the shelf" selections. Whether you're sewing a throw blanket, reupholstering a couch, or maybe you have your eye on a DIY project, the only limit is your imagination.

    Premium Cotton Twill - $31 / linear yd.

    Linen Cotton Canvas - $26 / linear yd.

    Cotton Sateen - $26 / linear yd.

    Premium Heavy Cotton - $28 / linear yd.

    Fabricated Linen Canvas - $31 / linear yd.

    Fabricated Velvet - $33 / linear yd.

    Fabricated Satin - $23 / linear yd.

  • Step 1: Upload Your Design
    You may upload a pattern, image, or other design by selecting the "upload" button above. We accept the following file formats: PDF, AI, EPS, INDD, TIFF, PSD, JPEG. Please be sure your file resolution is at least 300dpi at 100% of the reproduced size (the size of your final fabric order).

    If you have any special instructions not elsewhere entailed on the page, please indicate so in the Additional Customization box.

    You may also request to receive a visual proof by email before we start production.

    Step 2: Step & Repeat
    Select the way your design will look on the wall. Does it need to be tiled or repeated? Does it need to be stretched like a mural? *Note: Use the "Additional Information" box to include any other special instructions that we have not covered regarding your design. For example, does it need to be cropped a certain way? Would you like us to scale the design up or down? Or anything else that might pertain to your design.

    Step 3: Choose your Material
    We have 7 types of fabric to choose from: Premium Cotton Twill, Linen Cotton Canvas, Cotton Sateen, Premium Heavy Cotton, Fabricated Linen Canvas, Fabricated Satin, and Fabricated Velvet. Using the information provided to you in Product Info, choose which fabric you would like to have your design printed on.

    Step 4: Determine your measurements
    Enter those measurements into the table to find out the price of your fabric.

    Step 5: Add to cart
    Make sure you have entered all the information you need to include, then select add to cart.
  • To view the FAQ for all products, please click here.

    Q) How long will it take to print and ship my order? What if I need my order rushed?

    A) Current production times are between 3-10 business days from order receipt or from time of approval if a print proof is requested. Expediting services are available. Please contact us for further details.

    Q) What are the printing processes used to print the fabric?

    A) The printing process for the natural fabrics is pigment ink. The press size for the pigment ink process is up to 72” wide by the roll length, which is typically 150 feet long. (Please note fabrics vary in width depending on the manufacturer.) The printing process for the polyester fabrics is dye sublimation. The press size for dye sub is up to 122” wide by the roll length.

    Q) Can I supply my own fabric?

    A) Yes, you may supply your own fabric if the fabric is coated for the digital printing process (PFP - Prepared for Printing), however you will need to supply at least an additional 5-10 yards for webbing on our presses. Material submitted for printing or testing must be provided rolled on a 3-inch core. Please contact us so that we may discuss this in further detail. If there is a fabric you want that we do not currently offer, we are willing to look into sourcing this fabric.This option is only available to those planning to order a minimum of 50 yards (1 roll) of that same fabric. Additional charges may apply.

    Q) Is the printing permanent?

    A) Yes, the inks we use for printing the fabrics have been tested to not run, bleed or smudge under normal conditions.

    Q) What safety standards do your fabrics comply with?

    A) Most of our fabrics meet various certifications including fire rating and durability for upholstery, typically required for commercial, hospitality and healthcare applications. Please contact us for further information.

    Q) Are your fabrics suitable for apparel?

    A) While our fabrics are not rated for apparel, it is completely up to you with how you choose to use the fabric you purchase from our company. Our fabrics are typically used for interior décor such as, upholstery, table linens, bedding, curtains/drapes, and décor pillows.

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