Create Your Own: Wallcovering

Imagine one-of-a-kind walls that match your color palette, scale, and total design vision. With the choice of a single wall mural or to cover an entire space in bespoke wall coverings, you no longer have to be constrained to off the shelf selections. The only limit is your imagination.




Smooth Water Activated

$2.00 per square foot

Smooth finish texture paper-based wall covering has a pre-pasted backing that activates when sprayed with water. Long lasting PVC-Free wall covering that is easy to install and will not damage your walls when removed.


Cotton Texture

$3.25 per square foot

This adhesive-backed wall covering can be removed and repositioned over and over without ever leaving a sticky residue on your walls regardless of how long it has been there. It doesn't rip, wrinkle, shrink or curl. It can be applied to any surface; such as walls, ceilings, and wrapped around corners,  without losing any adhesive quality. This wall covering is environmentally safe, PVC Free, and fire rated with the NFPA 101: Life Safety Code.


Canvas Texture

$3.25 per square foot

This adhesive-backed canvas wall covering is removable and repositionable. It doesn't rip, wrinkle, shrink or curl, and it will not peel paint, damage walls, or leave a sticky residue behind. This wall covering is PVC-Free and includes the NFPA 101: Life Safety Code. 


Seamless Polyester Premium

$4.95 per square foot

This premium wall-covering is high-quality and seamless. It is installed similar to traditional wall-coverings but is usually installed in one piece rather than by panels.